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My favorite books of 2016

Happy New Year, friends! I’m already planning my 2017 reading list, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before I pull out my next great reads, let’s look back on a year of reading. I’ve listed everything I read this year, ranked in order of preference, for all of you. Yay! I set a goal to read 36 books this year, or 3 per month. Then life happened, and when our family moved across the country smack in the middle of the year, I fell behind and never quite caught up. But here are my… Read More

The Sacred Gift of Childbirth (book review)

I wish someone had told me about the downsides of epidurals before I had my first child. I don’t mean that in a weird, anti-medicine sort of way. I’m a big believer in the benefits of modern medicine. But I had an epidural, and though it wasn’t a complete nightmare, it wasn’t exactly everything I’d hoped. It kept me comfortable during labor, but it did a lot of other things that no one had ever mentioned to me. Taken as a whole, the side effects were a big enough deal to me that… Read More

The Point of the Book of Mormon I’ve Always Missed

I took AP English in high school. In that class, I learned that the best literary works have a “theme.” This could be described as the “point” of the book, the “meaning,” the “main idea.” For some books, the theme is clear. But I also learned in that class that readers often disagree about what the theme is. So maybe that’s why, when I started reading from the beginning of the Book of Mormon again yesterday, I was so taken with where it all begins. Every time I’ve read this book, I’ve… Read More

What I’m Into (March 2015)

SO MUCH IS HAPPENING YOU GUYS. My blog was totally neglected the last couple weeks and it makes me want to shed a tear or two. But there are good reasons (so many good reasons!). Since everything can’t have its own post, here’s a quick wrap-up of everything that’s making me happy these days. (Linking up with Leigh Kramer) What I’m Reading Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell I stayed up too many nights in a row reading this one. John Greene said it best when he said, “‘Eleanor & Park’ reminded me… Read More

‘Mighty Miracles’: My very first book

Okay, people. I finally have an update on that book I wrote. A very exciting update—it’s available for preorder! It will ship on May 4, it’s priced at $10.99, and you guys, Amazon says I’m an author. Somehow that makes me feel at least 10 times more legit. Pre-order “Mighty Miracles” here. ‘Mighty Miracles’ “Mighty Miracles” is a collection of stories from the inspiring and exceptional life of Matthew Cowley, a missionary in New Zealand/mission president/member of the Quorum of the Twelve apostles/modern-day miracle worker who lived from 1897 to 1953. He died relatively young,… Read More