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Rejoicing in Ambiguity and Other Lofty Goals

The university newspaper of which I was once editor-in-chief — the BYU-Idaho Scroll — called me for an interview a couple weeks ago. It’s strange being on the answering side of those interviews. I’m more comfortable being the one asking the questions, taking the notes, telling the story. The role reversal had me slightly on edge. Kaisey (pronounced “Kay-see,” in case you’re wondering like I was) did a great job with the article. You can read it here. But one of her best questions didn’t make its way into the article: “What… Read More

The scripture that changed me when I turned it around

It was the end of 2016, and I was preparing my New Year’s resolutions. It wasn’t going well. It could have been because the post-baby blues were hitting me hardest right then. It could have been the discouragement I felt in my new, post-third baby body, which I still loved but that didn’t feel like mine. It might have just been that I was smack in the middle of the first real, snowy winter I’d experienced in four years. But whatever the reason, motivation was running low. And then a thought… Read More

On my own: Temple worship as a young mom

I haven’t been to the temple since my baby was born a month ago. It’s forgivable. When you have young children, temple attendance can be impractical — theoretically possible, but extremely difficult. Babysitters are expensive and hard to come by, and temple trips can take hours. Besides that, temple dates don’t exactly fill my love tank. I need conversation and laughter and eye contact on a date — things that are hard to come by in a place of worship. But I know I’ll make it back sooner than later, and that I won’t have to… Read More

Baby #3, You’re Different, And I Love It

Having a baby is magical. When I found out I was pregnant last February, my reaction was typical. I was thrilled, and I pulled out our size 2T “Big Sister” T-shirt and put it on my youngest as a clever way of telling their dad. I’ve relished every moment of pregnancy bliss since — my expanding belly, my intensifying cravings, my weird dreams, my ultrasounds. And now we’re in the last couple months, the final countdown. It’s different this time. With my first, these last few weeks left me happy but nervous…. Read More

Mama, embrace your ‘and’

  I have lunch with communications students from BYU-Idaho every now and then. Most of the students who come to Dallas or Provo (or wherever I happen to live at the time) are there to learn about full-time career opportunities, but there is always one or two students (usually women) who want to talk to someone who writes AND stays home, who has a career AND a family. Breanna Olaveson, at your service. Last time I went to one of these lunches, one girl leveled with me. “To be honest,” she said,… Read More