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The scripture that changed me when I turned it around

It was the end of 2016, and I was preparing my New Year’s resolutions. It wasn’t going well. It could have been because the post-baby blues were hitting me hardest right then. It could have been the discouragement I felt in my new, post-third baby body, which I still loved but that didn’t feel like mine. It might have just been that I was smack in the middle of the first real, snowy winter I’d experienced in four years. But whatever the reason, motivation was running low. And then a thought… Read More

On my own: Temple worship as a young mom

I haven’t been to the temple since my baby was born a month ago. It’s forgivable. When you have young children, temple attendance can be impractical — theoretically possible, but extremely difficult. Babysitters are expensive and hard to come by, and temple trips can take hours. Besides that, temple dates don’t exactly fill my love tank. I need conversation and laughter and eye contact on a date — things that are hard to come by in a place of worship. But I know I’ll make it back sooner than later, and that I won’t have to… Read More

A little too kind

Jimmy Fallon was trending on Facebook today. Like pretty much everyone, I’m a big Jimmy Fallon fan, so I was excited. Was it a new epic lip sync battle? A favorite singer doing musical impressions? A new batch of thank you notes? Nope. He tousled Donald Trump’s hair. And the Internet went insane. If you don’t want to follow those links and read all about it, I’ll summarize: According to the Internet, Jimmy Fallon is an irresponsible media figure because he asked Trump easy questions and even “tried to make him… Read More

What’s Really Happening in Dallas Today

My family and I left Dallas 45 days ago. Snipers shot 12 Dallas police officers 16 hours ago. I read updates from three of my Dallas friends about what happened downtown last night. Then I read one more, then another on Instagram. I have a lot of questions. I have zero answers. But one part of the news reports has been ringing in my ears since I read it: “The suspect also said he wanted to kill people, ‘especially white officers.’” This man wanted to kill white officers. A few weeks ago, a member… Read More

Texas Forever

“Can I further complicate our lives?” Ryan asked just after I finished explaining my doctor’s treatment plan for our high-risk pregnancy. He handed me his phone, and I saw an email from Domo—a company I knew was in Utah—that invited him to a phone interview for a position there. I was like, “I can’t talk about this right now,” I said. And we didn’t, for a couple days. I fell asleep that night only by assuring myself that it wouldn’t work out, that we wouldn’t have to sell our brand new home, that… Read More