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I’ve been told I’m a good listener and a good conversationalist.

I think that just means I talk a lot.

I also write a lot. I was first published at age 10, worked on my high school and university student-produced newspapers, majored in journalism, wrote for dozens of magazines during my two internships and finally wrote my first book in 2012. I’m still going.

But I like lots of things besides writing. Like reading. And also making things (you know, sewing, crocheting, stuff like that). If you ever receive a gift from me, there’s a good chance it’s either a book or something I made. There’s also a small chance that it’s something you asked for, but don’t count on it.

I’m a believer in the power of faithful women to do great things. I believe in family dinner and the healing properties of hot chocolate and baked goods. I like a good party and a good night at home by myself. My favorite thing to be called is “Mama.” I love my Church and I follow the prophet. I like to watch TV even though it makes me sound lazy. I volunteer. I am a blue personality and an ambivert (it’s a thing, I promise). I used to live in Texas and I still miss it. I like to exercise. I am short. I make a big deal out of Halloween costumes but basically skip over Valentine’s Day. I could go on, but I think I’m talking too much.

Books Stuff

The transition from full-time work to stay-at-home-mom life — especially with a newborn who napped three times a day — drove me to write and publish ‘Mighty Miracles’ (Covenant Communications, 2015), a niche book that would be a good gift for your dad or grandpa who’s into Church history. (Read more about the book here. Oh, and you can buy it there too!)

The second time around, I decided to write the book I wanted to read, the book I could not find. It’s about a few of the things that I like to talk about most — women, the Mormon Church, missionary work — and would be a great gift for your little sister/daughter/niece who’s getting ready to serve a mission. It will come out early in 2017.

I also have an essay published in The Perfect Gift (Covenant Communications, 2016), and it would be The Perfect Christmas Gift for your mother or grandmother.

(I told you I like to buy books as gifts.)

Other Writing Stuff

You can also find my writing in places like:

  • UtahValley360.com. I write so many articles for this website that it’s kind of ridiculous, but I love this amazing website and they’re still letting me send them stuff. Most of my articles are related to the LDS Church, including Church news and Mormon lifestyle.
  • Community Magazine — A niche publication for people who live in Utah and Idaho, sponsored by Zions Bank. Read it here.
  • The New Era — LDS magazine for youth. I wrote about the Rexburg Temple and what its construction taught me in the March 2011 issue. Here’s a link to the article.
  • Ensign — LDS magazine for adults. I wrote several pieces while I interned there, but the most popular was this one.
  • UtahValley Magazine — True story: This piece about one of the valley’s happiest couples shaped a lot of my relationship with my husband. (I wrote the one titled “In Sickness and in Health”)

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