You might have noticed I haven’t been around for a while. That’s the thing about seasons of life — they’re always changing, and when the tectonic plates of life shift, some things fall through the cracks.

I had a lot of cracks open up last year. Having a third baby is no joke, and becoming pregnant with Baby #4 nine months later really opened the gaps between what I wanted to do and what I actually did. Around last April, just after my book was released and just as my baby boy was turning six months old, I knew something had to give. It was time for a new chapter.

I was having a hard time meeting deadlines. I couldn’t focus long enough to complete an article in one sitting. And I was just So. Dang. Tired.

I had to either quit or expand. And I’m an expand type of girl.

So right there, between Baby #3 and Baby #4, another baby was born — Moxie Freelance, LLC. I pulled together a team of excellent writers and professionals that I trusted, and I transformed my freelance writing business into a freelance writing agency.

It’s been amazing. I can do more work in less time. I can assign stories to my coworkers, and I get to share the wealth of contacts I’ve generated over the years. And I can get to bed earlier, because I have other people helping me work on my deadlines.

So if you know anyone who needs a freelance writer or editor, send them my way. Because even if I can’t do it, I know someone who can. And man, I can’t wait to see what happens in this next chapter.

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